What is Audi Care?

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Audi vehicles are some of the most luxurious and best-performing vehicles available. However, they won’t remain in top condition by themselves, which is why giving them regular service is vital. Thanks to Audi Care, you can pre-pay to keep your vehicle in fantastic condition.

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3 Common Audi Repairs

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As an Audi owner, you know – regardless of the model – that you have a pretty special car. These vehicles have excellent power, fantastic acceleration, and are just a joy to drive. Eventually, however, you may need an Audi repair, and it’s possible it will be related to one of these areas:

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Complete Your Lease Return With Keyes Audi

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If you’re nearing the end of your lease, or if you are ready for a new ride, you can complete your lease return with Keyes Audi even if you didn’t lease with us!

If you are making or have been making your payments to Audi Financial or Volkswagen Credit, you are able to return your Audi Lease to Keyes Audi. When you do so, you open up a number of solid choices for the next step in your lease return journey.

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