Keeping your Audi in great shape doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can actually be really easy, thanks to AudiCare. With this program, you will always know when it’s time to get your car some much-needed maintenance. 

How Does AudiCare Work? 

With AudiCare, you’ll never have to worry about remembering when your car needs service. It will be put on a schedule and you’ll be alerted when maintenance is due. Plus, you can pre-pay for the program, which helps you save money.

Services include: 

  • Oil and filter changes 
  • Battery tests 
  • Engine and brake inspections 
  • Fluid top-offs 
  • Spark plug replacements 
  • Road tests

Optional Packages

  • 20K/30K/40K/50K: This package is good for up to 42 months for 20,000-mile service or 54 months for 30,000-mile service. It expires at 62,000 miles. 
  • 40K/50K: With a 20,000-mile minimum, this package also expires at 62,000 miles or when your Audi vehicle reaches 72 months in-service. 
  • 50K/60K: With a 30,000-mile minimum, this package expires at 72,000 miles or when your car gets to the 84-month in-service mark.
  • 60K/70K: This package is good for 82,000 miles or 96 months in-service, with a 40,000-mile minimum.
  • 70K/80K: This package has a 50,000-mile minimum, and it’s good for 92,000 miles or 108 months in-service. 
  • 80K/90K: With a 60,000-mile minimum, this package expires at 102,000 miles or when your vehicle hits 120 months in-service. 

Sign Up for AudiCare Today 

Audi Van Nuys can help keep your vehicle humming and save you money at the same time. Get in touch with our Audi service center to sign up for AudiCare.

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