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Your Audi is a luxurious automobile inside and out, but it won’t stay that way on its own. It’s vital that you schedule regular Audi service appointments for your car, as you can jeopardize its performance and health if you don't. Today, we're discussing some of the most common problems you'll run into if you skip routine service and maintenance.

Wasting Money

New parts for your Audi car can be very expensive; tires, for example, are not cheap. In other words, when you get a new set, you’ll want them to last for as long as possible. When they’re not inflated to the proper levels or you don’t rotate them, they will wear out faster, which means replacing them – and spending all that money again – much sooner than expected.

Limiting Performance 

Regular service keeps your car running as it should. If you ignore critical service tasks like oil changes, your engine won’t work as well. This is because fresh oil is instrumental in keeping your engine clean and ensuring that its moving parts stay lubricated.

Lack of Visibility 

Sure, your car may seem fine now, but it's hard to tell what’s going on under the hood. Periodic maintenance lets technicians take a look and gauge your vehicle’s health. You can then proactively take care of a repair or replacement early on before it turns into a big headache.

Increased Risk of Repairs 

A headache may actually be the best-case scenario if you don’t get regular service. You may actually be heading towards a major repair or replacement, but fortunately, it all can be avoided with preventative maintenance.

Don’t Put Off Car Service Any Longer 

You probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on a part or a new car altogether. This is why you need to treat your Audi well, and you can do that by making a service appointment at Keyes Audi near Woodland Hills. 

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